Contributed Talks

  1. George Teseleanu, The Case of Small Prime Numbers Versus the Okamoto-Uchiyama Cryptosystem
  2. Andrew Mendelsohn and Cong Ling, Algebraic Equipage for Learning with Errors in Cyclic Division Algebras
  3. Semira Einsele and Gerhard Wunder, From Worst to Average Case to Incremental Search Bounds of the Strong Lucas Test
  4. Maciej Grześkowiak, On chains of pairing-friendly elliptic curves
  5. Michel Seck and Abderrahmane Nitaj, A New Public Key Cryptosystem Based on the Cubic Pell Curve
  6. Ahmet Ramazan Ağırtaş and Oğuz Yayla, Compartment-based and Hierarchical Threshold Delegated Verifiable Accountable Subgroup Multi-signatures
  7. Shiping Cai, Mingjie Chen and Christophe Petit, Faster algorithms for isogeny computations over extensions of finite fields
  8. Marios Adamoudis, Konstantinos Draziotis and Eirini Poimenidou, Message Recovery in NTRU Encryption based on CVP
  9. Robert Dryło, Integral solutions of some systems of polynomial equations and constructing families of pairing-friendly elliptic curves with small ρ-value